Success Rate Far-Outweighs The Successes Of Other Methods Of Weight Loss

Putting up with excessive body weight is never easy and in addition to the fact that it exposes you to a variety of medical conditions; it also reduces your fitness level. Recent studies have shown that the average obese person spends at least an extra $ 1,500 on health per year as compared to a person with a good body weight. In addition, research has also shown that the problem of obesity is actually worsening as a result of poor lifestyle choices and as at now, about 30% of Americans are obese. Out of these, it is very possible that a significant number of them have actually attempted to lose weight on several occasions without success. The lap band surgery has been around for a while now and its success rate far outweighs the successes of other methods of weight loss.

The method uses a device implanted on the stomach to regulate the amount of food consumed by a client and it works in synchrony with the brain and other body systems to ensure that the user does not ever lose control over his or her appetite. The procedure is generally very safe as long as it is performed by a trained and highly qualified medic. Our facility offer lap band surgery at a very affordable fee and we have excellent equipment and doctors to ensure that you get the very best quality of service.

We understand the potential fear that some clients might have concerning this form of surgery we perform and that’s why we offer free consultation in order to enlighten them on the entire process and get them to understand their role in the process as patients. We perform the surgeries with minimum intrusion and you can bet that our specialist would never expose you to a high-risk surgery. Our charges are affordable and we accept most PPO.

Our reputation precedes us and on average, it takes our clients a maximum of 12 months to attain their recommended weights. The beauty of the process is that it can be a one-off procedure which will last you through your entire lifetime without ever getting back to being obese.

You can therefore rest assured that this is a method that has been scientifically proven and can be applied by almost everyone. There are however some exceptions such as patients who use alcohol excessively, those who smoke excessively, those who have severe infections in their liver, gastro-intestinal system and pancreas. However, a chat with your surgeon will always clear up any matters that may arise. You can also get to learn more about lap band surgery at